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Cabo San Lucas

By: Maddie Van Horn

Hello friends! As some of you may know, I just went to Cabo San Lucas with my family to celebrate my parents' 20th anniversary. My parents have been to Cabo several times, but this time they decided to let me, my sister, and her boyfriend tag along. We made sure that we traveled as safely as possible and luckily our hotel had many safety precautions in place as well. Overall, we had a very fun trip and I am so excited to share my favorite things that we did.

Where we stayed: Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel, which is an all-inclusive resort on the Pacific Ocean. We spent most of our time at the hotel because they had so many activities to offer. We swam in the many pools and hot tubs they have, played tennis, went to the spa, and relaxed at the poolside cabanas. All three of the pictures above were taken at the hotel pools and cabanas, where we spent most of our time soaking up the sun. I would definitely recommend this hotel if you are looking for an all-inclusive option. It was by far one of the nicest places I have stayed. Both of our rooms had serene balconies with private jacuzzis and my parents' balcony even had a 2nd level for sunbathing and whale watching.

One tip that I have for first time Cabo travelers is to take into account that many of the hotels have amazing beach views, but that the ocean is not safe for swimming in many parts. Our hotel was on the beach, but we could not swim since the Pacific Ocean has very dangerous currents in that part of the world. Even on the other side of Cabo, where the beaches are on the Sea of Cortez, it is still unsafe to swim unless a natural cove is available. However, the amazing pools that the resorts have to offer completely makes up for missing out on the ocean.

Another great tip is to take into account what time of year you want to visit. My parents have been in both summer and winter months, and have found both pros and cons to each. I certainly enjoyed the weather during our trip. The highs in early January were in the 70s and the lows at night would usually be in the 50s. It was definitely chilly at night, but as long as you pack sweaters, you will be warm. In the summer months it is extremely hot and my mom said that although the heat is dry, it can be unbearable. Another reason to visit in the winter is that it is whale season. Every morning, you can look out at the water and see whales flipping and jumping all around. It is truly magical!

Where we ate:

While staying in Cabo, we mostly ate at our hotel, which had many different dining options. Our favorite restaurant in the hotel was definitely Ciao, the Italian restaurant. We raved over the bruschetta, calzones, and ravioli. We loved it so much that we ate there twice!

However, we did leave the resort to eat at The Acre and Flora Farms. Both The Acre and Flora Farms are north of Cabo in San Jose. We went to The Acre one night for dinner and we enjoyed our experience there, but we definitely wished that we would have visited for brunch instead of dinner, to experience the beauty of the restaurant and to enjoy the warmth of the sun instead of being very chilly throughout our meal.

My absolute favorite place we went and probably my highlight of the trip was Flora Farms. Flora Farms is a 25-acre organic farm that serves farm to table dishes in their adorable open-air restaurant. This was seriously the restaurant of my dreams. They had an authentic pizza oven, cute shops to visit, and farm dogs, which are basically these sweet dogs that just roam around the farm and the restaurant for people to pet. We went here for brunch and our absolute favorite thing that we ordered was the charcuterie board that had homemade burrata cheese, fresh mango chutney, ripe cherry tomatoes, and so much more. All of the photos above are of Flora Farms and if you don't take anything else from this post, I want you to remember to visit Flora Farms if you ever go to Cabo.

What we did:

During our time in Cabo, we did several different activities to keep us entertained. On our first day, we went downtown and took a boat ride to the Arch. Cabo is known for its unique rock formations where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. The Arch is a must-see. We actually rode in a clear boat, which was so amazing. We could see fish swimming under our boat and it made for some pretty cool photos. I really enjoyed this activity because we also spent about an hour walking around the marina downtown, where there are some cute shops and restaurants.

My sister, her boyfriend, and my dad went on an ATV tour through our hotel, which they said was super fun. My mom and I would rather get our nails done at the spa than ride through dusty hills, but everyone has their own definitions of fun. My dad also really loves the golf courses in Cabo, because they have a more challenging landscape, as opposed to our flatlands in Memphis. There are many other fun activities to do in Cabo like swimming with dolphins and zip lining, but we mostly wanted to relax on this trip, so we kept the activities to a minimum.

What to wear:

Like I mentioned earlier, the weather was warm during the day and chilly at night, so packing the right wardrobe was crucial. Luckily, my mom told us to bring layers for dinner, so we were pretty prepared. I also spent many hours on Pinterest before the trip, gathering resort wear inspiration. At night I usually opted for jeans, a light and beachy sweater, and sandals. During the day, I would always pair a cute swimsuit with either a light skirt or sweater as a cover-up. Almost all of my swimsuits are from Aerie, but I also had a few from ASOS on this trip as well.

Another great tip for traveling is to use a service called Nuuly. I have been using Nuuly for about a year now and I love it. They have tons of great clothes from brands like Anthropologie, Free People, Levi, and many others. You sign up for a subscription where you select six things every month, they send you the items, you can wear them as much as you want for one month, and then you send them back. Of course, you can keep whatever items you love for a discounted price, but it is a great way to get new clothes for a trip or an event, without having to splurge on things you will only wear a few times.

This trip was so fun and I am so glad that I got to share some of my highlights with you all. I am so thankful that my family is able to take trips like this and that I get to share my adventures with my readers. Check out my Instagram for more Cabo pictures and definitely check out my Pinterest for tons of inspiration photos! I hope that you are having a great start to 2021 and I will write again soon!


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